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These top hip hop songs here at Top Hip Hop Music are important in many ways. They present a basic knowledge of who we are as people. The thing that I find most interesting about them is the fact that these artists came from the same background that many of us do. They know what it is like to struggle before they succeed.
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With that being said, what do you think that means? It means that many of their words they sing in their songs have a point to them. We enjoy their music because of how awesome it sounds to listen to it. More importantly, enjoy their lyrics and what they stand for.

Sometimes, people need to go through a hard life in order to learn what is best for them. If we never had failure, we will never understand what being free is all about. Success isn't something that is suppose to be handed to you. It is suppose to be achieved by hard work and focus.

If you are influenced by those around you, be sure and stop to realize something. Make sure that they are doing everything in their power to become the best they can be. For those of you that have negative influences around you, please do yourself a favor and ignore them as much as possible. 

If you need to be inspired by people that have already made themselves a person they never thought would happen, please enjoy these top hip hop songs and r&b by these various artists above. They will lead you in a path that makes sense. They do so by being real with what they represent within their lyrics.

I can confidently say I am very inspired by them. Why is that? Because every time I hear their music I find out examples around me of what they are talking about. It ends up being mostly true and their songs allow me to understand what life is really about. 

The music video below is called Forever. It means that once they all achieved success in the music industry after all their hard work, they want to continue forever with that result. Going back to who they were before is not an option. The hard work that they put in to get to the level they are on should not go to waste. 

They will do what they must by continuing their efforts where they need to be. If you take no for an answer, where will you end up? I hope your answer to that is no where. Don't let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. 

That is something for you to decide on your own. Those types of people are either jealous of what you can do or confused with what you are about because they don't want to learn.

Take your life seriously before you make anything else a priority. Be selfless but know when to say no to certain individuals. Be sure to find a boundary point between how you can help others and how you can help yourself. Bottom line, be you at all times and nothing else. This world has too much fake in it. We need more real again.

When it comes to love that you have for someone, you have to realize if it was real or not. Was it that you shared those feelings and they didn't? That's a question you must understand for yourself. You might have loved them more than you love yourself. 

It's best for you to discover just how much they actually did care about you. Finding out if you were just as special to them as they were to you is your best option. When you listen to artists that express their thoughts of how they love, realize that you can be on that level as well. Just remember who to open that deepness of yourself to before you do it. 

There is also the side of having ownership over someone since you are doing the most. It is important to be yourself and never try to overcome others just because you think that you have more than they do. Beyonce is independent even though she is married to Jay-Z. She can handle her own because she built her own Empire. 

She needs him for comforting, not for money. This is a topic that some woman or men get twisted. That's when the lyrics in the music makes since. It is everyone's everyday reality. These artists have many fans because they know how to relate to us. 

They lived the same lives we live now. The writers of the songs did as well. That why we love their music. It's also great to understand it and how we fit in. It is also important to know that you are not alone with your issues you go through. Whether it be love or lack of success, there are so many of us that want the same.   

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